It’s the 80’s...

Hip-hop is beginning to emerge.

Cocaine, is already everywhere. And crack is about to make a dramatic appearance into ghetto life.

This unprecedented consumption will make some dealers into the new kings of the streets, and also new role models for their community.

The Undersiders will tell you the story of 8 of them. True and crude. Tales about millionaire drug dealers who at one point directly impacted on the development of hip-hop.

Dr Dre, Tupac, Lil Wayne and many more… would these pop culture icons have had the same career if certain of their paths hadn’t meet?

Without being judgmental, without glorification, the Undersiders will guide you down into hip-hop’s turbulent underground and follow its rising up as a worldwide culture.



/// The Undersiders

Created by François CussetFrench voice by Jérémie CovillaultEnglish voice by Kison CoppedgeMusic by Max Zippel - Panache Publishing

The Playlists

These playlists are a reflection of the characters presented in the audio-series.

Different decades, different styles, different cities...

Discover their stories through the music that hit the charts back in the day and after, through the lyrics of the artists they influenced